Polar Bear Coolers 12 Pack Original Nylon Soft Cooler


Brand Polar Bear Coolers
Material Nylon
Color Green

About this item

  • INSULATION – Keep ice 24 hours in 100 plus degree heat – 1″ thick 10 Gauge HIGH-DENSITY foam insulation – BEST QUALITY, HIGHEST DENSITY foam insulation (easy to fake it, hard to make it)
  • INTERIOR LINER – Food-Grade TPU DOUBLE COATED NYLON – Consumer SAFE for perishable storage – Most durable and longest-lasting liner ever built into a soft cooler – If it’s not TPU DOUBLE COATED NYLON, it’s NOT a Polar Bear
  • OUTER SHELL – Rugged 840 D LUGGAGE GRADE Nylon Outer Shell – All seams are DOUBLE HEMMED and anchor stitched (easy to fake it, hard to make it)
  • ZIPPER – Super Heavy-Duty YKK no.10 weatherized zipper (RUST PROOF) – Our patent-pending zipper design keeps the zipper from ripping out of your cooler (easy to fake it, hard to make it)
  • SIDE ZIPPER POCKET – This side zipper pocket area can be embroidered with your company logo or monogrammed for personalization – For details visit?the Polar Bear Coolers website?and send your logo

From the manufacturer

Polar Bear Coolers – The Original Performance Soft Cooler

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Know What You Are Buying. See, Touch And Feel The Polar Bear Difference!

Polar Bear Original Soft Coolers –?The Insulation Sensation:?Superior insulation qualities give you long lasting performance, enabling you to keep colder longer. The Polar Bear Original Soft Cooler will keep ice frozen for 24+ hours in 100+ degree heat and is guaranteed to be leak proof / sweat proof. The Polar Bear patented design is the ONLY soft cooler with this level of full coverage insulation, combined with a puncture-resistant TPU COATED NYLON liner.?Interior Liner:?In the world of soft coolers, you are only as good as your liner! The Polar Bear Original Nylon Cooler liner is the strongest, most puncture-resistant liner ever built into a soft cooler. If it’s not TPU DOUBLE COATED NYLON, it’s NOT a Polar Bear! Easy to clean, the Polar Bear Original Nylon Coolers fit about anywhere and when not in use packs away nicely! We are confident you will enjoy years of performance from your Polar Bear Cooler.


  • Heavy Duty TPU Double Coated Nylon Liner – Consumer Safe for Perishable Storage
  • 1″ Thick High-Density Insulation
  • YKK #10 Heavy-Duty Zipper
  • 4 Heavy Duty Tie-Downs (2 on each side – not available on backpack models)
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap (not available on 6 pack)


Give the perfect gift! All of our Nylon Soft Coolers can be embroidered with text, monogram, or a logo.

6 Pack 12pack 24pack 48pack backpack
6-Pack 12-Pack 24-Pack 48-Pack Backpack
Payload (12oz Cans) 6 Cans, Plus 2lbs Ice 12 Cans, Plus 5lbs Ice 24 Cans, Plus 10lbs Ice 48 Cans, Plus 20lbs Ice 18 Cans, Plus 7lbs Ice
Payload (12oz bottles) Cannot fit bottles 8 Bottles, Plus 5lbs Ice 18 Bottles, Plus 10lbs Ice 36 Bottles, Plus 20lbs Ice 12 Bottles, Plus 7lbs Ice
Exterior Dimensions 10″Lx7″Wx7″T 14″Lx7″Wx12″T 18″Lx10″Wx12″T 21″Lx13″Wx13″T 12″Lx7″Wx18″T
Interior Dimensions 8″Lx5″Wx5″T 12″Lx5″Wx10″T 16″Lx8″Wx10″T 19″Lx11″Wx11″T 10″Lx5″Wx16″T
Chill Time 24+ Hours in 100+ Degree Heat 24+ Hours in 100+ Degree Heat 24+ Hours in 100+ Degree Heat 24+ Hours in 100+ Degree Heat 24+ Hours in 100+ Degree Heat
Shoulder Strap Included ? ? ? 2 Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps + Padded Backrest Support


Be sure to check out the Polar Bear Coolers direct website to personalize your Polar Bear Cooler. Polar Bear Coolers offers full in house embroidery for text or logo customization. Join the thousands who have co-branded with Polar Bear Coolers. Custom logo Polar Bear Coolers are ideal for promotional advertisement, corporate business gifts, product association awards and recognition, personalized groomsman gifts, country clubs and more! Associate your logo with a product you can be proud of, and the recipient will use for years! Polar Bear Cooler offers quick turnaround and high quality embroidery. Find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Polar Bear Cooler. Send us your logo to receive a production sample layout today. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free. All available at the Polar Bear Coolers direct website. Patent Pending!

Size : 12 Pack ?|? Color : Green

Part No : PB122


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