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The Striker speedometer voltmeter digital gauge replacement head unit displays your vehicle’s battery voltage and has programmable LED indicator lights to warn when the charging system is overwhelmed. Striker is the perfect choice for electric start vehicles or anyone who wants to run multiple accessories.

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  • Don’t get stuck on the trail not knowing if your vehicle will be able to start again due to electrical issues.
  • At only 4.2 x 2.3 inches, Striker can replace a dashboard’s entire instrument panel.
  • Striker displays speed, voltage, trip distance, clock and both ambient and engine temperature.
  • Striker also keeps track of the minimum and maximum voltage values (reset trip data to start fresh max values.) Use the built-in stop watch for time trials.
  • Two separate maintenance timers OIL and WRENCH keep track in miles-since-last-reset.
  • Installation is easy. Striker kits include handlebar mounting hardware, or add an aluminum dashboard accessory. Use the model specific instructions to install Striker’s sensors to the vehicle and customize Striker for wheel size and thresholds for the voltage over/under warning lights. Striker can operate on regulated AC or 12V DC electrical systems, so it works on almost anything with a wheel.
  • An indicator dashboard accessory (022-PDA) is available if indicators are required, providing space for 4 indicator lights such as neutral and high beam.
  • Striker’s small size and ability to display and predict potential electrical problems on almost any vehicle makes it a great choice for many applications.

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